atlantis peppers

“i need to change his name asap. my fish’s name is freaking fishy.”

it all started on march 23rd, 2017, with a snapchat story and the thought of giving my fish a haircut (it stayed as a thought, don’t ya’ll worry). i asked my internet friends to suggest some names for my little pet as his name needed to be changed. don’t get me wrong, his name, fishy, is supah original and unique, but since i can’t give him a haircut, for one, he doesn’t have any hair, and two, he doesn’t have any hair, i settled with a new name instead. new name means new life, roight?

this one asian friend of mine suggested grandmaster fu, this science buddy of mine said peppers, this tall, blonde, not-so-friend-of-mine first suggested a bunch of mainstream fish names, which highly offended me. i was like “NA-UH. I AIN’T TAKING ANY OF THAT CRAPPERONI NAMES.” (sike. i didn’t say that. i just played it kewl, ya know. gotta keep my chill on the web) my not-so-friend-of-mine finally gave me a name that caught my interest…ATLANTIS. 

i spent hoursssssssssssssssss on formulating a bomb ass name for my fish. after the perfect combination was born, i told my friends the new name: grandmaster a. peppers. all loves the name…well, except my asian friend. he freaking called me rude for using his suggestion and combining it with others (TF?!). it honestly got me in a bad mood but i had to move on. i was on a quest to give my fish a fab name and i wasn’t going to let a noob stop moi. i took grandmaster out of the name which left me with a. peppers; ATFREAKINGLANTIC PEPPERS.

i’m pree happy with ze new name and a lot of my friends think its adorable (can i get some awwwwww). so yeah, that was how i renamed my fish. someone better fucking read this post. thanks loves. good night. or good morning. idk. ciao!


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